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by | August 31, 2010 12:00 am

Many local clubs to hold meetings in September

Area Correspondent

I guess all the schools are back in session by now and another year of hard studies are ahead of the students. And with that, its about time to say good-bye to another very hot summer and say hello to the beautiful fall colors that are just around the corner. There is one thing I can say for myself this hot summer has yielded me a nice garden of fresh vegetables. I have eaten my share of fruits and vegetables. My garden produced squash, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant pepper, cantaloupe and watermelon and I am healthy as a horse!

With September coming up it is time to ”gear up” for other programs that were disbanded for the summer. Garden clubs will be getting back into activities. Two Adrian clubs will begin to meet in September. The Friendship Clubs regular meeting date is always on the second Tuesday of the month. So is will be held September 14 at 12 noon. The “Circle of Friends” meet on the 8th of September. This meeting will be held at 12 noon at Kuntry Kitchen at Norristown Junction.

Down at the Kuntry Korner Restaurant yesterday I found that I’ve missed a number of birthday people. So a belated happy birthday to Tammy Wilson Amerson; Hadden Wilson and Maggie Douglas. Kaley Wilson has a birthday on September 9. Edith Wilson has one on September 25 (time enough to through a big party)! The family of Mr. John Page helped him celebrate his birthday yesterday (30th) at the Farm House Restaurant in Adrian. Best wishes.

For myself , I don’t want any more birthdays; enough of these will kill you. Oops, I just thought of the alternative. Oh Well, I don’t worry about that because I know God holds my destiny in His hands. And He is in control.

Our community is grieving the loss of two men in this area last week. Mr. Floyd Crenshaw, Nora Boulevard, and Mr. Elbert McCullars, Lake Cassie Road in Adrian. A heartfelt sympathy goes out to these families.

Mrs. Betty Senn, wife of Pastor Carl Senn of Safe Harbor Baptist Church, has returned home after having back surgery last week in Macon Coliseum Hospital. She is recovering nicely.

Miss Deanna Carter and Mr. Todd Mason will be getting married at the beautiful Blackville Church of God on Saturday, Sept. 4.

The Dublin Baptist Church hosted a gospel sing Sunday night for the 5th Sunday service. The group “Sandra and Friends” from Adrian were the guest singers.

A little tidbit in advance: Word has it that the Norristown Baptist Church is making plans for a 100 year celebration. Everyone affiliated with this church -“get ready”.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Price spent last weekend with Doborah and John Clark in Savannah.

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER: When you get to the end of your rope don’t give up, just tie a knot and hang on!

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