Emanuel Arts Council presents James Shirey-Nature Photography

by | December 28, 2009 12:00 am

James Shirey, or Jim as his friends refer to him, is in touch with nature in a way few of us will ever realize. He lives so deep in the forest it’s as if he has found a portal to a better time of less static and more serenity. The internet is sparse, as is the electricity, but the wilderness more than makes up for any deficiencies. An old farmhouse in Margaret Creek Valley, nestled in the hills of Ohio, is where Jim’s time machine can be found. The man, himself, can most often be found with a camera in his hand trying to relay his spiritual connection with the land to the rest of us.

  Ethereal mists permeate Jim’s photographs and hint of a secret to be told if you will simply reach out and be absorbed into the scene. Some are eerie, some are glowing with a mystical light only seen when you truly become a part of Mother Nature, and others still are so abstract you can only guess at the true nature of the subject material. Natural ice sculptures become humanoid in form; flowers become true mothers of the earth, and skyscapes reveal otherworldly dimensions.

  Mr.. Shirey was born in Chicago, Ill., raised in Gary, Indiana, and worked in the steel mills where he met his wife. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Purdue University, 1969, and was a math professor at Ohio University until he retired near the year 2000. A few years after retiring, Jim picked up the camera and hasn’t put it down since. Now he spends his days attempting to capture the spirituality in the trees.

  Opening reception will be held for James Shirey on January 8, 2010, at the Emanuel Arts Council, 303 North Green Street, on the corner of North Green Street and Church Street. Refreshments will be held as well as a meet and greet with the artist. Times are from 5pm until 8pm. For more information or directions, please contact EAC at 478-237-2592.

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