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by | December 31, 2008 12:00 am

My name is Leo Walters. I am writing again about Obama, who wants to disarm us. Why?

You know what they did in India? That could happen to us at any water port that we go to. The enemy has surprises for us. Also, there is nowhere you can go where you are really safe. I carry a gun to church.

If anything happens at any school, I will be the first one to give my tine to be at the front door amid AK47, and if I got other guys to join in, we may be older guys, but we got experience in the system.

You know, like I said, we could be raided. How about Pearl Harbor?

Obama should think. We always have a lot of soldiers out of the country, he ought to be glad to have a civilian army at home.

In India, they were disarmed, and hopeless and helpless, do we need that? Heck no.

Like I say, my guns are to protect my family, or others who need me like the state police, sheriff’s department, or anywhere there are problems. Have guns, will travel. One call, that’s all.

Even if they took all our guns, there will still be out there millions and millions of guns out there. They were never registered to anyone. Crooks or murderers want a gun, it’s no trouble, believe me, I know. I call them no names.

Well all I can say is we better fight to keep our guns or we will be in big trouble. Obama better give this a lot of thought and forget about our guns, and be glad that we have them to protect our country.

All of you hunters and people with guns. Speak up now. Fight, fight! Don’t cry later.

Thank you,

Leo Walters, Swainsboro

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