Happy New Year!

by | December 31, 2008 12:00 am

By: Wally Gallian

Cheers! A hearty Happy New Year from each member of our staff to all Forest-Blade readers. May each and every one of you enjoy a happy and prosperous 2009.

Those of us from the fourth estate consider serving you a great privilege and honor. We take pride in delivering Emanuel County news to your home each week and look forward to continuing our efforts in the coming years. As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions that would enable us to better serve our readers.

As we wind down 2008 and enter the unknown of a new year, it seems natural to look ahead. Financial forecasters have no good news for us on the immediate horizon. In fact, most of the money experts are projecting more money woes for most of us through most of 2009.

CNBC reported this week a forecast from the Danish Saxo Bank that contained the following grim numbers: Crude oil will fall to $25 per barrel further lowering gasoline prices but causing a revolution in the already hotspot of Iran. The article also predicts the fall of S&P 500 down to 500. The S&P has fallen from 1475 to its current 870 during 2008.

The Wall Street Journal printed an article on Monday of this week predicting the demise of the United States by June 2010. The grim prognosis is from Russian academic Igor Panarin. Respected in Moscow, this lunatic claims the United States will crumble with a civil war beginning next fall which will completely collapse the dollar and lead the U.S. splitting into six pieces.

In addition to all the money sorrows, football, my favorite spectator sport was a letdown this season Georgia is not playing for the national championship as predicted in September. Somehow E.C.I. did not win the state championship again and my beloved Dallas Cowboys have become an embarrassment to themselves and to the NFL. Yes, 2008 has been tough in a lot of ways.

I could go on and cite numerous other negative forecasts…. But enough is enough. Personally, I have had my fill of bad news. Most of us have lost money one way or another during the past year and it is likely we will not do much better at least in early 2009.

I am very much looking forward to 2009. A new year is a new beginning; a fresh start. Whatever I weigh on New Year’s Day can be reduced. The number of times I spoke or thought something unkind can become a clean slate. Yes, there is much freedom with turning the page over to a new beginning.

While not a participant of the defeatist vacuum that is New Year’s resolutions, I know that we will all be given a new launching pad from which to express ourselves. And that is a good thing. Yes, I have regrets from 2008, and probably will from 2009.

The important thing to me is to get up every day and try my best. That is the advice I give my eight year old son and the one thought I wish to pass on to you.

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.” — Joey Adams

Happy New Year.

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