Burris speaks to Swainsboro Rotary

by | July 6, 2005 12:00 am

Annie Hunt Burriss, senior

advisor to Governor

Sonny Purdue and Executive

Director of the Commission

for A New Georgia,

spoke to the Rotary

Club of Swainsboro recently.

Ms. Burriss provided

a timely update on the

Commission’s results.

She was introduced by

Program Chair for the day,

Jim Williams, “as a longtime

friend of rural Georgia

and our area specifically.

Her assistance on

economic development

projects was significant.”

Ms. Burriss told the Rotarians

that 21 commission

members, 15 task force

chairs, 238 task force

members, 46 pro bono

consultants and 2 1/2 staff

plus interns reflects how

many contributed to the


She added, “They

teamed with 60 of the

brightest, best managers

and experts from State

Government representing

23 State agencies working

in cross-agency Implementation


Ms. Burriss thanked

Rep. Butch Parrish, who

was a guest at the Rotary

meeting, “for his longtime

commitment to and as a

resource for assistance in

achieving a more effective

State government on behalf

of the taxpayers.”

She presented the early

Implementation Results

for the first 6 months. This

update includes anticipated

cost savings for Georgians:

$20.7 million allocated

for modernization

that should result in $200

million in savings over

four years. After consolidating

Georgia’s $12 billion

in real estate and capital

construction into a

Statewide portfolio under

Georgia’s first State Property

Officer, the projected

4-year savings from 2006

to 2009 is $32 million. A

program of managing the

State’s inventory of Assets,

which includes over

21,000 vehicles, under

cost-effective business

practices is projected to

have 4-year savings of

$135 million.

In addition to these

striking plans devised for

such significant savings in

the operation of the State,

the Commission and its

Task Forces are also holding

additional reviews of

other areas for effective

Agency operations. Work

is underway on: Workforce

Development, Strategic

Industries & Competitiveness;


Development; Receivables;

Public Finance Options;

Customer Service;

and Community Care for

Behavioral Health & Developmental


Rotary President Vernon

Hardy presented Annie

Hunt Burriss with a

Rotary pen as a memento

and “expressed the Club’s

appreciation for her presenting

this most interesting

program with an update

complete with early

results from the Commission

for ANew Georgia.”

  • Burris speaks to Swainsboro Rotary
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