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by | June 28, 2005 12:00 am


Recently, I was feeling

like enjoying a trip over to

Sonic. Unfortunately, I was

disgusted very quickly

when I saw the appearance

of our old Wal-Mart

parking lot. I was disgusted

by all the trash lying

around. When I was a

teenager, that certain parking

lot was our regular

hang-out, but we always

respected other people’s

property enough not to litter

it. Do these teenagers

that hang out at the old

parking lot not have any

respect at all?

When we used to meet

up there, have our meals

from Hardee’s or McDonald’s,

we always took our

trash with us whether it

meant throwing it in the

back of the truck or just

crumbling up the bag and

waiting until we got home

to throw it away. These

kids now just toss it out on

to the ground like that is

their trash can. Do they not

see how disgusting and

unappealing this looks?

I’m sure they do not go

home and throw things

around on the floor like

that. I know their parents

would not want to clean

up their messes so why

should anyone else have

to? Do they not think anyone

has to clean up their

mess they toss out there?

Littering is a major

problem in today’s society.

People will litter and expect

the individual getting

paid to pick it up, to do so.

People will also litter and

think it’s not a big deal, because

“it’s only their

trash.” Well, as a result to

individuals thinking that

way, trash amounts increase

immensely. I wonder

if the kids throwing all

that trash out there in that

parking lot know that

there are 800 tons of litter

and waste swept from the

streets each year? Maybe

the ordinance in our town

should be upped a tad bit

and those kids made to get

out there and clean that

parking lot. They like to

hang out there on Friday

and Saturday nights, why

can’t the city give them a

trash bag or trash can and

let them have their little

group meetings while

cleaning up THEIR mess.

Maybe cleaning up their

own mess will make then

think about it. We have a

sound ordinance, if I am

correct, so why can’t the

litter ordinance be enforced

as well? This is not

just some person ranting

and raving about

teenagers, this is actually a

concern about our next

generation of adults in our

society. I’m hoping this

will prompt not a harsh response,

but a general concern

and understanding

for our future of Swainsboro

and America. We

need to reach these teens

and find out how they

would like to correct the

problem before attacking

them with strict rules and

laws. Our goal is to all

work together and help

each other.





I write this letter on behalf of those

who wish to remain Anonymous. Any

person who has lived with addiction feels

the trauma of the disease. Not every person

lives in Emanuel County and has access

to the Recovery Center. I am grateful

to those who nurtured the idea of a recovery

center into reality.

Addiction is the number one medical

and spiritual disease in our county and

our country. The statistics of addiction

treatment seem discouraging. Yet more

than 100 recovery center patients have

maintained abstinence for at least 12

months. Addiction removes the power of

choice; abstinence enables a terminally ill

person to choose to live.

In the current political “culture of life”

reducing funding for a life affirming program

such as the Recovery Center is hypocritical.

The dedication and service of local

citizens such as Peggy T. Corbin,

Kathy Ussery, staff and owners of the recovery

center building benefit addicts

and their friends and families. I am one.

The solution is political. Will the advocacy

of Representative Butch Parrish,

Senator Jack Hill, The Recovery Center

Committee, and The Forest-Blade be sufficient?




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